Monday, 9 November 2015

Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right

The visit of my girls coincided with a visit from a couple of Swedish friends who left Abu Dhabi earlier this year to move back to Sweden. Their husbands are both still here working, so for their fall school break, they came down to see their friends here in the sandpit.
They organized a 'Ladies Night' get-together last Wednesday, and since I had not yet been to one, it was certainly about time - so Jenny, Erika and I joined in!

'Ladies Night' here in the UAE is a happening just as big as the 'Friday Brunch'-thing. You could go to a different 'Ladies Night' every day of the week, in different bars around town, and party for free!

We went to the 'Ladies Night' at the Iris Bar, at Yas Marina. It was rather funny, because whereas I spend a lot of time down at the marina (that's where the CrossFit gym is located), I've actually never really been there after dark!

Their 'Ladies Night' was a very generous one, with four free drinks, any one you desired off the regular drinks list - so we had some classy strawberry, peach and passionfruit Bellinis, mmm!

Ha ha, it took quite a few shots before we got a decent photo of Erika and me..!

My first 'Ladies Night', but certainly not my last!

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