Monday, 2 November 2015

Puppy school

This morning Oakley and I went to our first puppy training. It was a group session together with six other dogs, out of which two actually were from the same litter as Oakley! We tried to get a photo of all three of them together, but it proved a bit of a challenge, ha ha... Anyway, it's Oakley to the left, and then Sam and Lara:

The session was very good, and really what we need. We trained recall, 'stay', 'leave it' and had playtime to practise tug-of-war, to build up to a good fetch game. The puppies also trained walking well on leash and being handled by other people than their owners.

I thought Oakley did rather well, although the verdict after this first session was unfortunately that he is rather wary of other people, and/or not interested in them. Something which I find kind of weird, considering the amount of guests we have had staying with us since he came to us.
He needs to train how to be handled by other people, maybe even taken care of for a day or a weekend by someone else - otherwise he will risk becoming too attached to us, his "pack", too protective, unconfident and fearful.
Good thing we have more guests coming tomorrow!

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