Sunday, 1 November 2015

Officially ours

Before getting to officially adopt Oakley, we had to have a trial period of a couple of weeks. At the end of the trial period, we had a home visit from Animal Action, to make sure that everybody was happy with the new arrangements.
Once we had "passed" the visit, this is what the Animal Action wrote on their FB page to announce the adoption:

"Zedan was adopted by the Watson family! He is now called Oakley!
Zedan is in a fantastic forever home with a wonderful mum and dad and two human siblings that adore him. He has everything he could ever want; toys, a comfy bed, a garden to come and go as he pleases, a mum home almost all day and so much love! The family have had dogs before and were missing having one, so when Oakley came home to them it was determined by Oakley's new brother that the family "felt whole again"!!

The family have already had some puppy training (with Nikki) which is going well. They are all very attuned to Zedan's needs and they know when he is getting boisterous and nippy and just how to channel his energy into something else besides puppy nipping! The children are amazing with Oakley and he has been exposed to lots of people and has no issues with meeting new people at all. A very happy ending for this gorgeous boy! 

A very big Thank you to foster mum K.W who fostered Zedan and all his siblings until adopted. Zedan was one of the Z litter puppies rescued with mum Whitney from Reem by M& A.H, M.K, T.McQ and K.T."

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