Monday, 9 November 2015

Etihad Rugby Tournament 2015 - Lucas

This past week has been completely crazy. Not only did I have the girls here; Beto was here and with that all the Zumba things that happened - while Nathan was away in Shanghai for three days. Also the puppy was sick so I was up twice a night for three nights cleaning out his crate, and him, after he had a runny tummy in it (...); and finally this weekend saw the biggest Abu Dhabi rugby tournament of the year - the Etihad Tournament.

Both kids played, but luckily (in a way, so that we could actually see them both play instead of just walking between pitches, but it also made for a very long weekend...) on two different days. Lucas and his team played on Friday.

Due to very long waiting periods in between games, he was there from 7.45 in the morning, to about 4.30 in the afternoon... No wonder he went down with heatstroke at the end of the day..!

I could only stay and see the first game - but that was also their best game, and I got to see Lucas score a beautiful try!

We also bumped into a familiar face - Eliot!
Eliot now lives in Dubai since a few years back, but he and his family used to live in Brunei, and Eliot and Lucas went to school together since the very beginning! So awesome to see them together again, now all grown up!

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