Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The BETO Masterclass in Abu Dhabi 2015

So Friday night was the day of the Masterclass we all had been waiting for. Beto was actually here in Abu Dhabi last year as well, but I missed him then, because it was the same week we went to Rome. So I was so happy I got a second chance! Apparently there was a LOT less people this year, but there was certainly nothing wrong with the atmosphere..! It was buzzing!
I came ready in pink for our track, with pink hair and everything!

Before the concert, you could get "prettyfied" in the glam station outside, for free:

... snack on some lovely, healthy food in the snack bar - and buy Zumba wear of course. A whole shop was set up, with changing rooms and everything!

Some people did their own "glamming" and last minute cutting up of our pink t-shirts:


All the Abu Dhabi ZINs had got spots in the two first rows, so we were really up, close and personal with the main man and his crew!

It was a fab, fab class! The presenters are all incredibly talented and have such presence and charisma, all of them; and again, I felt very lucky to be part of a Zumba family so filled with joy and respect for each other, and to get to share this experience with all of them!

And Pia was there too!

Here's a short snippet of when Beto decided to go down and join the crowd - spot me!

One of my favourite moments, Beto dancing to a traditional Colombian cumbia, together with some of the local ladies:

Then he decided to share his hat with Tammy, our Zumba Mama, I love these photos of her!!

As cool down, it was time for "our" performance. We did a choreo to the 'Fight Song' by Rachel Platten, at the same time as a video played by one of our fellow ZINs, Cecilia, who is battling cancer right now. It was rather emotional, as the fight against cancer is a cause very close to my own heart, with several cases in the family; and a very beautiful moment.

I'm all the way to the right in these photos:

What a great, great night!

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