Tuesday, 3 June 2014

We like!

We had pretty much decided already before our first visit to Yas Waterworld the other day, that we were going to buy Annual Passes. Considering we now wont get a pool here in our compound, and we probably wont join anywhere else right away - we thought we would need somewhere to go swimming on the hotter and hotter days.
Plus, we are already having more guests booking themselves in to come and visit, and they will probably all want to go there, so it seemed like a good idea.

Already before buying our tickets, I asked for the year passes the other day - only to get told "I'm sorry ma'am..." (and here I had time to think "Now what!?") "... but we want to be nice to you".
Que? Nice?
Turns out, normally you pay to get into the park, and if you decide you want to get an Annual Pass you have to sort that upon exiting that same day; and you will get that days entrance fee reduced from your Annual Pass cost.

Only thing was, it turned out they would start a new promotion the day AFTER we visited... Aaargh. Or so I thought, because actually they were super good and offered to hold our receipts and armbands, if only I filled in the application forms there and then - and I would still get the entrance fees deducted from my Annual Pass cost, the day after!
Oaw, so on the ball! This meant that we saved a whopping AED 1,900 on what we normally would've paid, all thanks to some truly service minded employees! Great service!

So, what to do on an afternoon when the kids are out of school already at 1pm? Go swimming of course! The kids and I went to the water park this afternoon on our own, only for two hours.
Lucas ended up going on this roller coaster about 5-6 times in a row, because there was no queues at all, so they just let him stay on it and go for another ride, over and over again! (Me on the other hand jumped off after the first one, I'm no daredevil no more... I do understand why Linnea was wailing through it last time, yuk...)

The good thing when you have a year pass is that you don't have to do it all every time. Today we went on the slides and the roller coaster; next time we might just stay by the wave pool or the huge climbing frame etc. It's really cool to just be able to treat it as an afternoon-something-to-do.

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