Wednesday, 11 June 2014

It's here!

Ok, whereas it was true for a while that our whole house was furnished with IKEA - it's not anymore! Yesterday the three pieces we bought from the furniture warehouse in Sharjah arrived, so now we have some beautiful - and unique - items from India as well. They are so pretty!

We got a glass cabinet, which we placed in the dining area. It was initially a bookshelf, but I had them put glass doors on the front, because I wanted to store some of my pretty things in there, without getting sand everywhere...

I love the tiles, aren't they absolutely gorgeous? They are both on the front and on the sides and brings some colour to the room.

We also got a bookshelf which, for now at least, is standing between the "living room" and my "office". It's quite tall, so it fills up the wall nicely.

I was so excited finally having somewhere to put all my trinkets, and being able to unpack the last photos and paintings and display them too.

I also put some of the paintings up in the hallway to make it more welcoming:

This is also where the last piece of furniture was for. This console table is not "dressed" yet, as I'm still looking for the right arty piece to hang above it, and a suitable lamp to put on it.
I like the distressed look, and all the different blue shades:

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  1. Love the distressed look and out of all the pieces, my favourite is the tiled beautiful! The splashes of colour is just amazing. It is so unique! Just perfect with the glass doors. Love seeing how you new house is coming along. You are SO efficient. Gosh, we've been in our house a year now, and still in the middle of renos...sigh.