Saturday, 21 June 2014

Happy Midsummer!

When I explain to my expat friends about Swedish Midsummer, I tell them it's our most important holiday of the year, after Christmas. That usually gets them to understand.
Deep inside all Swedes are all agreed on what Midsummer should look like and how it should proceed. If you want to get and idea, check out this short little clip from

But, if you don't have flowers enough to make a maypole, a meadow where to put it; herring and new potatoes nor spiced schnapps - you make the most of what you got!
I went to IKEA to find some flowers, cornflowers, daisies, poppies and more. I wanted to make my own flower wreath for the hair, and I got pretty pleased with the end result!

Then yesterday, a big group of flower clad Swedes descended on the very fancy Yas Viceroy Hotel and their Friday Bubbly Brunch, for our own take on an Abu Dhabi Midsummer celebration!

We had brought our own decorations for the table, of course!

We were 10 adults and 14 kids so we took up a big part of the restaurant! The adults on one table and the kids behind us.

Linnea found the sushi, and had some especially made to her liking!

The kids could come and go though, as there was also a huge play room where they could hang about, which had a big screen TV, games, special snacks and attendants to play with the kids. 

- "Skål"!

The brunch lasted between 12.30 and 4pm, and we made sure we kept eating (well, and drinking..!) all that time! There was just so much food to choose from, it was no problem!

We even managed to sing "Helan går"! Vodka shots for all!

The desserts... mmm... There were so many it was impossible to try everything, but we sure did our best!

The only three men represented, an Australian, a Swede and a Kiwi!

Happy Midsummer from us!


  1. Hi, I am reading your Brunei and would have questions. My husband just started working there as a pilot and we might be interested in moving. Do you have an email I can reach you at?

  2. Looks like so much fun - the picture of you and Nathan is gorgeous. And I love your flowers in your hair - how do you get them to stick? Do you somehow twirl them around a steel wire? Write a tutorial please:D