Wednesday, 25 June 2014

School is out!

I know, it feels like we just got here, but somehow this term is already done! Today was the last day of school for this year and now the kids and I have nine whole weeks of summer holidays ahead of us. I sure am looking forward to no scorching hot school runs for a while, no lunch boxes to prepare and no homework. Yay!

I went to school a little bit before pickup today, to take part in the 2R class party.

Linnea and her fantastic teacher Mr Richard, who sadly is leaving school this year to go back to NZ. He has been great, and I don't think Linnea could have asked for a better start at Raha. She was truly sad to say goodbye to him today.

The class mum had collected money from all of us and organized to get Mr Richard and his assistant Ms Sweet some lovely presents as a thank you.

I also visited Lucas' class before the bell. His teacher Ms Caroline is also leaving school, and leaving teaching all together so she was rather tearful telling the kids that they will always be her special ones, since they were her last class.

Lucas had spent the day making a movie together with two of his friends, about their class. They got to present it to the class at the end of the day:

Lucas with Ms Caroline and his buddy Emerson, who was the one that looked after Lucas when we first arrived.

Nine long weeks... I can already visualize my happy dance across the sand dunes on the 1st of September!

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