Thursday, 12 June 2014

Point Break

We took the kids to Yas Waterworld this afternoon after school, just for a few hours of fun. Who could ask for a better playground, really?
The other three all were aiming to try the 'Rush Rider', since the queues are not so bad on the weekdays. It's an endless sheet wave where you get to try how to flow board or body board.

Lucas caught on pretty quickly and already nearly got up on his knees today! You only get 90 seconds until it's the next person's turn, so for being his first time, he really did very well!
Linnea flipped and flopped around a bit, and Nathan complained that "it's not like real surfing"... Yada, yada! ;)

Linnea also conquered the 'Bandit Bomber' (the longest suspended rollercoaster in the Middle East), the ride that made her cry when we were there with the Turners. Today together with Daddy she went on it three times! Well done!

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