Friday, 20 June 2014

The Grade Four Living Museum

Lucas' last unit of inquiry for this year has been 'Explorers'. He has spent the last three weeks preparing a project on an explorer of his choice, and yesterday his year group got to present all their fantastic projects at their Grade Four Living Museum.

Lucas had chosen Abel Tasman, the Dutch explorer that discovered New Zealand.

Not only were us parents invited, but also some students from Grade Five, who came along to ask questions and learn more about different explorers.

They had all made posters about their explorers, and most of them also had iPad presentations ready. It was really interesting, as there was a lot of different presentations. The most popular choice was Christopher Columbus, but we also saw Karl Johan Andersson (!), Neil Armstrong, Vasco Da Gama, James Cook, Magellan, Roberta Bondar and many more.

They were all dressed up as their explorers, and the whole set up was done in chronological order from the earliest explorers to the most recent ones.
We walked around and learned some more about f.e Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator across the Atlantic Ocean; and Leif Ericsson, who discovered North America, about 500 years before Columbus.

We were also introduced to the navigator Ahmed bin Majid, who helped Vasco da Gama during his travels:

One little boy had studied Sir Edmund Hillary, the NZ mountaineer who first reached the summit of Mount Everest:


And, I listened to the presentation about Tycho Brahe, from Lucas' Danish class mate Cordelia, who had done a beautiful job:

A while back Lucas had to do a similar presentation about an inventor. That was really hard work for him and took a lot of parent involvement. It was a totally different story with this project. 
He really enjoyed it and he did a great job finding all the facts and putting them together to a presentation. He was full of confidence while working, which was really nice to see. He took pride in presenting it nicely and came up with a lot of ideas himself about how he wanted the poster to look like, and about his costume.
Well done Lucas!

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