Thursday, 6 April 2017


Oh yes, so with less than a days notice, we touched down in Copenhagen Wednesday lunchtime. Our friend Thomas kindly came and picked us up, as we were going to stay at his place for the weekend.

We went straight to Frederiksberg to see some other friends though, as they were off to work for the next few days so we wanted to get some time in with them.
Katja works at Carlsberg as the PA to their CEO, and working for a beer manufacturer sure has its perks! We got to try some of the new beers, AND this years Påskebrygd - before their official release!! Yum!

In the evening we went back to Signe and Thomas' place for dinner together with one of Thomas' business partners who were in town, a guy called Michael Rogers. A dinner guest that Nathan especially enjoyed as he is a retired professional bike rider.
(He is actually a three-time World Time Trial Champion and he has participated several in both Tour de France and Giro d'Italia, and he is also an Olympian medalist!)

Obligatory photo to commemorate our encounter, Thomas on the left and Michael in the middle:

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