Thursday, 6 April 2017

Our Copenhagen Spring Break, the big Sunday

Our last full day in Copenhagen started with a quick visit with Havana and Mikkeline, to Signe and Thomas' new apartment.

We had managed to come visit in the busiest week ever for them, as they are actually moving this coming Friday - into this:

... a super cool apartment over three floors in Frederiksberg. They are moving back to the hood! We only got to see it mid renovation, so we are looking forward to seeing it all moved in and ready next time we come visit.

After a quick lunch break at the Frederiksberg Center with this sociable bunch...

(When did these kids grow up so much??)

... we met up with Kamilla who had come over from Jylland (I just loved how even with our short notice, our friends managed to pencil us into their weekend plans!), and walked over to meet the rest of the "Skygang" at Søren & Katjas.
We were going to do a visit to the Carlsberg factory and museum!

We had a look in the shop, of course!

You got to visit the horses. These are the horses that pull the old carriages all over town each time they launch a new beer. They were huge!

Then we proceeded into the museum and started out by checking out their bottle collection. It is the largest unopened beer bottle collection in the world!

We did the tour of the museum too, of course.

Lucas in the Sculptural Garden:

Finally it was time to go to the bar to get our free beer. I tried their new summer beer, which was really tasty, and for someone who doesn't even really like beer - I really enjoyed this one!

Our trusty "Skygang", I have so much love for this bunch and we go way back. We sure have grown in size over the years with all these little people getting added in! It makes my heart smile when we all get together!

My friend Kamilla and I have known each other for nearly 20 years, I can't believe it! We started flying together back in the day, and even though none of us really flew for a long time, it's a time of our life we both remember warmly. Kamilla was also one of my bridesmaids together with Erika, those nearly 15 years ago. Long lasting friendships really are special.

After our little sightseeing tour we returned back to Søren & Katjas apartment to have some pizza together. By now even Tom had joined us!

The kids had a great time, the boys all went outside kicking a ball and doing 'parkour' at the school playground next door; and the girls were drawing. Cecilie (who is the same age as Linnea) got to practise her English, and she was so clever!

Oh, we had such a lovely afternoon. I'm so glad it's not long now until it's summer holidays and we will return for even more fun!

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