Thursday, 6 April 2017

Our Copenhagen Spring Break, the Swedish day

On Saturday we had a full program!
First in the morning we met up with our friends Jens & Karin, who came over from Helsingborg to see us. Again it was glorious weather so we decided to take the kids to the Skydebanen playground, a place on Vesterbro where we have been to hang out many times before.

Spring was in the air with sunshine, bird song and lots of colourful flowers all over the park. The big people got to have coffee and chat away and the smaller ones ran off to play.

The kids had a good time for a while, but you can definitely notice they are growing up. They had had enough already after a short time.

We decided to walk into town and find some ice cream since the weather was so amazing. Oh what a wonderful day..! We walked past this new building which is situated opposite Tivoli, instead of the old Scala building. Fascinating!

Look at these cool kids! Amazing for the kids to have friends that they have known all their life. They really have a rather special bond, even if we don't see each other all that often.

In the afternoon we met up with some other rather special friends, the Hybholts. Oh how we miss them in Abu Dhabi... :( It was great to see the kids together again. So grateful they too took the trip over from Sweden.

We had a really lovely afternoon and evening, crowned with a very yummy dinner in Studiestræde before enjoying the evening and walking back home to Thomas' place.

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