Monday, 10 April 2017

Easter in our house 2017

It's Easter this week and our house is Spring ready! Thanks to my well timed visit in Scotland last year just before Easter, I've been able to add some new Easter decorations this year. I also now have both Easter twigs, and shoots of pussy willow! Let's have a little look!

My Cult candle light holder has got Easter colours; and the cute white bunny plate is actually a cupcake stand, but I use that for a candle too:

I bought these egg cups years ago in Berlin:

Chickens that I've inherited from my Grandma:

A rabbit in the kitchen:

The weather has been absolutely awesome since we've been back from Denmark. I was worried that it was already going to too hot, but it's only been around 26-28 degrees during the day, perfect. We are enjoying it as much as we can, while it lasts, by having the back door and the windows open all day long. The breeze coming through makes it feel like a perfect Swedish summers day.

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