Thursday, 6 April 2017

Our Copenhagen Spring Break, the first days

Our first full day in Copenhagen was rather grey and rainy. We were well prepared though, as we had packed for all kinds of weather considering the time of the year. And who cares if it rains anyway, when you get to spend your day with some of your best people!

We met up with Pia and Martin who had taken the train over from Malmö to see us. We decided to go for a walk along Strøget, obviously with a lunch break and some shopping thrown in along the way.

So good to see them!

On the Friday the sun came out, and I took a walk into the city all by myself. Now in my spring jacket, it was rather warm.

This made me laugh out loud in one of the shops, I had no idea that blu-tac was called "elephant snot" in Danish! Fantastic!

I discovered that IKEA had a pop-up shop in the middle of Strøget! How cool is that!

Beautiful spring flowers outside Magasin, I wish I could have brought some home...

Later in the afternoon I met up with Nathan and an old collegue of his in Nyhavn. The kids got ice cream and we chased some Pokemon along the way, while doing some more shopping. Later on we went to Torvehallene to meet up with Lars, and Thomas and his girls; and to shop for some take-away dinner. We had grilled chicken and porcetta from Un Mercato, mmm!

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