Monday, 24 April 2017

Malthe's Confirmation

On the weekend we were invited up to Dubai to take part in Malthe's Confirmation at the Scandinavian Church. We have known the Dehlis for 10 years this year, so we have been there for the growing up of all our kids. It was rather special to get to take part in this important day of Malthe's.
All four priests helped out running the ceremony, both the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, as the kids getting confirmed came from all three countries.
All together 30 youngsters got confirmed this weekend, and our friend Malthe was one of them. Anne and Frederik will host summer party at home in Denmark later in the year to celebrate this big occasion, but apart from us taking part, both sets of Grandparents had also flown in to Dubai for the ceremony itself.

The sermon was held by the confirmands, who each got to speak about what Christianity means to them. Lovely to listen to.

Our kids got a little bit bored during the service as it was hard to pay attention when the languages kept changing, and due to the large number of confirmands it drone on a bit. But all together it was a lovely service, I sure enjoyed it - full of light, love and hope for a bright future of these kids.

We were invited to church coffee in the garden afterward, before we head back to the Dehlis for a celebratory dinner. Swedish kanelbullar, mmm!

Proud family:

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