Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Today is a special wedding anniversary for us, yay! At least if you go by Danish tradition, and since we lived in Denmark when we got married (and have many, many Danish friends), I'm celebrating!

Today is our kobberbryllup (=copper wedding), having been married 12 1/2 years.

The tradition to celebrate copper wedding started at the beginning of the last century. Whereas it is known across the Scandinavian countries, it hasn't really spread much outside Denmark.
Normally, your friends and family would come to your house during the night to build a "triumphal arch" outside your door; or actually, a HALF one, since we are halfway to the first 'proper' big anniversary (silver).
By 7 am you would get woken up by the slamming of pot lids and/or horn music, and you get sung to - again by family and friends - and you are then expected to invite everybody in for breakfast and host an open house throughout the day.

Luckily nobody came to slam pot lids or sing outside our house this morning ;) , and since Nathan is away I guess I'll have to celebrate with the kids. But hey, any reason for a party!

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