Saturday, 28 February 2015

Foodie neighbours

In Brunei, being invited for pizza nights at 'Saaporinos' was a regular and very popular event. Jeremy absolutely perfected his pizza recipe and cooking routines, and his pizzas were the best pizzas ever! It was great to have neighbours that could cook. We couldn't have lived in a better place there between the Saaps and Misuzu, our supplier of yummy Japanese food and other delicacies!

Our neighbours here aren't too shabby at cooking either, and have invited us over for several exciting meals on different occasions, remember the deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving?
Well yesterday, it was time for pizza night! I had high expectations of course, used to being spoiled with amazing homemade pizzas - and Chad even has his own pizza oven in the garden, so this had to be good!

Well, let's just say, from the moment the last pizza was cooked and ended up on this table to get sliced, until it looked liked this..:

... it was about 3 minutes!
Pizzas approved!

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