Saturday, 3 October 2020

Zooming - part of the new normal?

So this week I have really got into the 'Zooming', having participated in a variety of Zoom-meetings online.  I had set up a Zoom-station in the guest room earlier in the week, for when I can't sit at my iMac downstairs.

To start with all my University lectures are held via Zoom, and often the professor wants us to be able to chat with each other, so we need to have the cameras on. I have got myself one of those fancy ring lights from Amazon (not very expensive at all!) to ensure I am in good light even in the evenings, as these lectures happen after dark since they are scheduled to fit Swedish time.

As I have mentioned before I am also participating in an ongoing training with the Louvre Abu Dhabi, but as I didn't think once every two-three weeks was enough to catch up with my colleagues, I started our own little Study Group!
So now I admin a weekly get-together with seven of my LAD External Guide-friends, where we each time all present different artworks to each other. A great way of keeping our feet wet during this time of no work, getting some feedback on our own presentations from our peers, and also learning from each other! So much fun!

This week I also finally booked myself in for an online make-up consultation with Trinny London. I have slowly transitioned all my make-up over to this brand. Its luscious little pots of creamy products seems to suit my aging face and limited knowledge around make-up application rather well.
I was running out of some of my favourite items and since you could redeem the cost of the make-up consultation in products, I thought why not try it? A great way of getting some advice on how to apply the different shades, what colours I suit best, and which of the colours go well with each other.
I was asked to attend with a bare face and to sit in daylight, so I moved my little Zoom-station in front of the window for this:

As I do already have some products, I had prepared a set up with a list of it all so I would easily be able to tell what I had, and what I felt was missing.

This week I also had an online consultation with a Communication Coach! Kim A Page did a presentation a few weeks back for SWEA which I participated in, about how to find your voice in this new online world of meetings and presentations. I managed to snag myself one of her free one-on-one 'Communication Booster'-sessions, and she helped me brainstorm a bit on how to further develop now while Abu Dhabi has no tourism, and I have no immediate work. It was super inspiring!

Finally yesterday evening I took part in a 'Zoominar', with this same coach, Kim. As a passion project of hers she has been hosting a bi-weekly Zoominar for the past half a year, each week with a different theme. Yesterday we talked about 'Globality in COVID-times', and it certainly was an hour well spent together with Kim and this community group she has built. The participants were calling in from all over the world, and being able to connect and share stories, thoughts and ideas like this was truly great! I'll be participating again for sure! (Lucky it was scheduled to 7pm Friday night for me... ha ha... I could bring my glass of wine!)

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