Thursday, 1 October 2020

Corona Diary October status

Congratulations, we have reached level 10 of this Jumanji year! Or if you wish, the month of October. I wonder what this month will bring, I'm hoping for better and better news. The weather at least is getting better for sure, winter is coming and it feels so good to feel the cool air! It really helps the mood!

Time for a Covid check-in - I will only write about new regulations, happenings or changes. Most things are the same as last time I did a status.

* 1,158 new cases today, from 91,234 tests. The UAE has now conducted close to 9,8M tests since the outbreak of the pandemic. Today's total number of infected is 95,348, with 421 deaths. Global cases stand at 34M+ with now over 1M deaths. These statistics gets reported in the media daily.
* They have started administrating a vaccine here, developed in China, where the phase 1 and 2 of trials were conducted. Phase 3 was carried out here in Abu Dhabi on volunteers and now the vaccine has been approved to be used by frontline health workers, to start with.
* After starting the term with four weeks of e-learning, the students in Grade 11 and 12 were allowed back to physical school again this week, yay.
* The same day the announcement was made about only certain grades being allowed back to school, it was also announced that indoor play lands, bounce parks and gaming arcades would now be allowed to open. ("No kids, you can't go to school, but you can go play in the ball pit at the mall"...hmmm...)
* Quarantine is still in place for overseas arrivals into the emirate. Now with the added touch of a tracker watch which gets fitted at the airport, or at the border if you arrive through Dubai. You have to wear the tracker 24/7 during the quarantine period, have another PCR test on day 12 and if negative the it gets removed on day 14.

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