Thursday, 15 October 2020


So whereas last week was full of friends, fun and flavours, this week has been pretty much all about the "same-same" every day. It's been the last week before school break, and as we now break up for a week off, we are all very much hoping that ALL school children will be allowed to go back to school at campus when it's time to go back.
We haven't officially heard anything yet of course. The only information we have about this situation is "until further notice", which could be any amount of time - until the end of term or until the end of the academic year even!
It has now been 32 weeks since Linnea was last at school. That's two-hundred-and-twenty-four days without having a social context, without spending time together with her friends and peers; just sitting at home. She's doing really well, but I'm very, very worried about what this isolation is doing longterm to our children.

At least she's got me for company most of the time. Especially this week as I have had exam week this week. I have hardly left the house for anything else than the school run twice a day (for Lucas). My first assignments for my Art History course (Konstvetenskap B) are due tomorrow so I have been diving deep into my books every day. I think I have it under control though, even though this particular syllabus has been rather heavy.

Creative chaos - and coffee!

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