Sunday, 11 October 2020

Oh yes, it's Ladies' Night, and the feeling's right

Covid or no Covid, the ketchup-effect is still strong when it comes my life - this past week I had it ALL going on! Date night on Sunday and not just one, but two Ladies' Nights!

It was actually quite nice, as I had tired a bit of having to go out for coffee/breakfast just to be able to see my friends. To get to hang out with some of the girls over dinner and bubbles in the evenings this week instead was a welcome change!

On Monday I met with Linda, Sara and Jennifer to pre-celebrate Linda's birthday. Rules here in Abu Dhabi still are a maximum of four at a table and the restaurants don't really appreciate the "hot seating" some bigger groups apply. Ultimately it comes back on the establishments themselves if rules aren't followed, and they risk getting shut; so best just hang out in groups of four at the moment.

You are allowed to remove your mask while seated at your table, as long as you wear it when moving about. Linda had managed to find a perfect matchy-matchy mask to go with her dress!

On Wednesday I actually went back to the same place for another dinner date. This had been planned for a while so it was actually totally random that I ended up at the same Ladies' Night the same week. This time I had dinner with Tina, Petra and Frida.
A quick groupie inside with our free-flowing bubbles, gotta love these Ladies' Night-concepts!

And another groupie just before leaving, outside in the pretty evening light, before it was time to put on our masks again to walk up to the taxi stand. We had started already at 6pm, it was a school night after all, and this meant that we could be back home by 10pm..! Not so wild and crazy, ha ha!

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