Sunday, 12 November 2017

It's your captain speaking

These days Nathan spends most of his work days in the simulator, as he is a TRI on the Airbus. The other day after one of his sim sessions there was some time left on the simulator slot that was booked, so we were lucky to be able to come and try the sim with him and one of his friends, Logan.

Programming the simulator with weather conditions, time of day and route. We chose to take off and land here in Abu Dhabi, so that we would see some familiar views.

Logan started the flying, and after a brief demonstration, he handed the controls to Lucas in mid-air, and Lucas landed the plane.

Then it was Linnea's turn. She took us past the Aldar HQ circular skyscraper:

Very focused!

Apparently the pilots sound like this when they do their PA: "-Good afternoon... ehrm... ladies and gentlemen... ehrm... Welcome onboard... this is... ehrm... your captain speaking..."

What a great experience! Super fun to see what it is Daddy does at work, when he keeps going flying without actually going anywhere..!

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