Saturday, 11 November 2017

A Yas Marina Circuit Workshop

Last Sunday there was a special workshop organised for all Tour Guides that were interested in getting behind the scenes and getting to know a little bit more about the Yas Marina Circuit. Of course I signed up straight away! I so enjoy learning more and more about this exciting city, and take any chance of expanding my knowledge.

Here's the group after the information session, before our tour of the circuit.

We went up to see the North Grandstand and the circuit a little bit closer. The North Grandstand is the largest of all the five grandstands.

I'm pretty familiar with the circuit itself, as are many people here in Abu Dhabi. Many come here to train on the TrainYas Tuesday nights, when it's open for running, walking or cycling; so then you get to go around the 5,55 km and can experience it all from the "inside".

What I did learn though for example was that this is not a control tower, it is actually a night club where during the F1 all the drivers and VIPs have their after-parties. Aha, I've always wondered!

We also got to pass the Paddock Club, where they have all the villas and garages for the teams. Each team get to use a villa and three garages during the race weekend. Those villas are for day use, nobody stays here, but they can be equipped to everyone's tastes and desires.

Then we got to see the Race Control Room, the heart of it all. As I mentioned, there is no control tower on the circuit, instead everything is monitored via 44 cameras, each with a big screen in this control room. Very cool!

Finally we went up to the actual Podium, and got to pose on the winner's spot!

The Al Shams Tower, the VIP tower:

The winners corridor:

Back at Yas Central, we had a quick look at all the different cars they offer driving experiences in. You can get to drive one yourself, or book a passenger experience; they have much to offer here for any car enthusiast.

Finally I walked over to the Yas KartZone. We have been thinking of trying again for Lucas' birthday to do some karting. Last time we had that planned, was the only day that year that it rained...

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