Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hybholts here, Day 5

We didn't slow down even though the weekend was over, our Monday was crazy busy! In the morning Pia went to Haddins while Emma and Sofie came with me to my Zumba class. To my surprise they actually lasted the whole one hour class, and, they were really good too!

Straight after Zumba we went to Yas Mall, again, as the girls had some more shopping to do, and we had decided to do lunch at Burgerfuel (go NZ!). It was just a quick visit because we had to go get the kids from school at 3pm and then us girls had made a booking for Afternoon Tea at 4pm. So we returned home for a quick change of clothes and off we went, to 18 degrees at the Hyatt Capital Gate.

The Capital Gate holds the world record for being the furthest leaning man-made building in the world. It leans over 4 times more than the Tower of Pisa, 18 degrees west, which gives it an overhang of 33 meters. It's one of my favourite buildings here, and quite spectacular!

It was the very first time that any of the girls came for Afternoon Tea, and for their first experience it was just ok. The scones were delicious, but all together it didn't unfortunately compare to the Afternoon Tea experience I recently had at the St Regis, or to the Afternoon Tea I enjoyed at the beginning of the year at the Observation Deck at 300. Emma was able to get her own set of gluten free items though, so that was a win.

The view from the balcony by the time we had finished was superb. You could see all of Al Bateen and all the way into the downtown skyline. Very cool, but it did feel a little bit weird and scary to be out on that leaning bit of the building.

It was my first time at the Capital Gate, and even though I wont be going back for their Afternoon Tea in a hurry, I might return for a sundowner on their balcony or a dinner in the restaurant sometime. It truly is a very cool building.

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