Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Like liquorice sauce

I am bu-uh-zzing today! Yesterday I was in Dubai for some Zumba training, and the amazing amount of energy a whole day of Zumba generates - lasts you for a while!

I've been on quite a ride with my Zumba! It's already been nearly four years since I did my initial Zumba training, during my summer holiday in Sweden. You become a Zumba Instructor by being trained by a Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) - they are the instructors that train the instructors. I did two days Basic 1 training in Göteborg with a ZES from Belgium, Steve Boedt.
During the year that followed, I continued to educate within the Zumba world. I did a Zumbatomic/Zumba Kids training in Australia, the Zumba Toning training in Singapore and finally I took the Basic 2 training in Brunei in June 2012.

So, it had been a while since I last took a training. Sure I have been keeping current and teaching classes both in Brunei and here, but I felt I was ready for more. I had been waiting to be able to join this specific training, the Zumba ProSkills, and finally yesterday was the day.

We were lucky being a small group, only 16 instructors, so there was time for everybody to get to practise, and shine! The Abu Dhabi instructors were well represented:

The ProSkills training really gives you a lot of tools to take your teaching to the next level. Not only was it a super interesting and eye-opening lecture, but the workshops was really fun too - and getting to meet and hang out with fellow Zumba instructors for a whole day was great!
(Steve Boedt was actually the person that designed this training, so to get to take it with him as the ZES, is like getting trained by the Master Sifu himself!)

After training - selfie time!

I took so much away from yesterday, not only an immense boost of energy, but a lot of new knowledge, new skills, tools and insights. Thank you Steve - I'm happy to be the liquorice sauce!

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