Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Full circle

Today the kids and I are celebrating our first year in the UAE.
It's a very strange feeling that it's been a whole year already, time sure flies!

I asked the kids if they remembered what we did on that first day of ours here a year ago, and they both vividly could retell that whole day...: The airport visit to get our passports back (after the VISA debacle...) and the all-day-long shopping trip first at IKEA and then at Dalma Mall, to buy the white goods. They remembered, every little detail. So it can't be that long ago, surely?

At the same time it feels like we only got here a couple of months ago, we feel very settled, and have been for quite a while already. And when I look back - so much has happened to us in this year.
It feels good to have come full circle and experienced every season, every time of the year, a whole school year etc; and truly appreciate what we have here.
It's time for a celebration!

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