Friday, 20 March 2015

Another Friday, another Friday Brunch

Well, it has only been two weeks since our last brunch so it's almost like this is becoming a regular thing! But no, as I said then - we only do go to these Friday Brunches for special occasions, and today was actually for a multitude of special reasons:
Firstly Spring Break starts next week, and we wanted to meet up before everybody takes off for the holidays. Also, it's 'Mothers Day' here in the UAE tomorrow, always a good reason to celebrate; and finally and most importantly, our friend Emma is leaving to go back to Sweden, for good, next week - so we needed to do a farewell in style for her!

It was just Linnea and I going today, as Lucas was at a birthday party all afternoon, and Nathan was in the SIM.

We chose the Viceroy brunch again, but actually we weren't all that impressed this time, neither with the food or with the service. It was ok, but not as "totally amazing" as last time.
The desserts, and how they are presented, never fail to impress though!

Check this out, these flowers are actually cupcakes!

After brunch I felt I needed to weigh up all that non-stop eating, so I went for 5k around the block! How is that for Friday fun! Better make the most of being able to exercise outside before it gets too hot again, very soon.

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