Sunday, 1 March 2015

International Day through the years

I felt like looking back a bit at the past years 'International Days'. Let's take a look! We will start with our first year at JIS, 2007, with Lucas in Kindy and Linnea in playgroup:

2008, we had a very cute Pippi Longstocking and a fierce viking. Linnea was in nursery and Lucas in Reception:

2009, the viking was back, this time together with a look-alike Swedish national dress. Lucas was in Year 1 and Linnea in Kindy:

2010, recycling the outfits - but this time the viking got a beard! Linnea was in Reception and Lucas in Year 2:

2011, a proud kiwi as we had just won the World Cup, and yet another recycle of the Swedish national dress. Lucas was in Year 3 and Linnea in Year 1:

2012, Linnea in a very special Swedish folk dress (read the story about it here), and Lucas went as "Notch", who invented Minecraft! Linnea was in Year 2 and Lucas in Year 4:

2013, our last 'International Day' in Brunei we had two little kiwis. Lucas was in Year 5 and Linnea in Year 3:

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