Saturday, 22 July 2017


This year Nathan had one week of holiday at the end of July, and had booked firm tickets to avoid the fail of last year, when he got stuck in Doha on his standby ticket...

He arrived on the Friday and after I had picked him up at Arlanda we drove a hire car down to Norrköping, to be ready to pick the kids up from camp the next day.

I got really excited to see that they had a Pinchos restaurant in Norrköping, as I had heard much about it. It's the worlds first restaurant where you order on an app (yes, IN the restaurant)!
What I didn't know though was that it's interior was circus themed! Say what!? How cool was that!!

The foods (tapas dishes) and the drinks were really yummy too! Ooh, I think this could be a new favourite place for sure!

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