Monday, 17 July 2017

Back to Sports Camp

Finally it was time to go to camp again. The kids were really excited as this time they now knew what to expect.

After check-in we took the long walk up to their dorms. This year they were both doing rugby, so they were going to sleep in the same house.

They were a lot happier than they look, I promise..! They had just had enough of their mamarazzi at this time and rather wanted to hang with their friends. Lucas reunited with mates from last year, and Linnea was eager to see who else was going to sleep in her room. There was only 10 girls in the whole rugby group, but turned out six of them were about the same age.

We stayed on for the inauguration ceremony of course. So much energy in that room!!

Then it was time for me to hit Norrköping C and jump on the train to Stockholm and Erika! The win-win week had begun!

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