Saturday, 27 May 2017

Student -92

So in the evening I had agreed with one of my old class mates, Karin, to join in the celebrations of the rest of the 'Student -92'-gang.  Rather than go to the official dinner with the association, there had been a special dinner organized just for us at one of the restaurants in town.

Sure it was a good night with old traditions, good food and nice encounters; although I was utterly disappointed that out of 400 graduates - only 14 managed to join the dinner!! I guess May is a busy month for many, with weddings and confirmations etc; and people like me who live abroad, can rarely travel before the summer holidays, but still, disappointing.

At least I got to catch up with my friend Karin, which was really lovely, and I really, really enjoyed the traditional concert in Botan by the 'Musikens Vänner' choir. This choir was started in 1886, and they still sing many of the same songs as they did back then.

As per tradition, during the second part of their concert they called upon any previous members:

It was so lovely to listen to all the familiar songs, gave me goose bumps.

After the concert in Botan, they did the traditional march to Krabbelund and on to the official festivities at Stadshotellet. 

Us -92s continued the party with our own dinner party:

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