Friday, 26 May 2017

A sweet summers day

I timed my visit perfectly, it was the first real summer weekend with absolutely stunning weather. Only a few weeks earlier, yes in the month of May, it had been temperatures around only 5 degrees where my parents live! 
But this week was gorgeous and absolutely ALL trees and bushes seemed to have come out in blossom all at once, it was so green everywhere. That stunning, lively spring green! Ah!

My cousin moved into an old house in the countryside at the end of last year, so I went over to have a look. His dream is to be self-sufficient but as they have only just embarked on their farming adventure, so far they are only sufficient in chives, rhubarb and quail eggs!

They do have cats and chickens too, and they breed rabbits. Look at these cute little rabbit babies!

My cousins kids truly enjoyed the arrival of the warm weather. They decided it was time for some water play straight away and although the water was super cold they had lots of fun.

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