Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Linnea's Grade 5 Exhibition

Tonight we visited school for the Grade 5 Exhibition. Linnea and the rest of the Grade 5 students have been working really hard for the past seven weeks, in groups of three, around different subjects. The central idea for this year was "Where we are in place and time".
The whole upper floor of the PYP building, all the Grade 5 classrooms, were full of exhibits:

There has been a lot of research, studying, interviewing and report writing done by these kids for the past seven weeks. Linnea's group had chosen to research on 'Gold':

After they had told us their "spiel", kids could go into their "cave" to dig for gold nuggets. Here's Lucas getting ready:

There was 49 different different presentations we could visit, about as different subjects as Migration, Homes in different countries, Family History, Evolution of schools, Apple vs Samsung technology, Cancer, Artificial Intelligence, Medical discoveries, Fashion and much much more. Obviously we didn't have time to see them all, but we tried our best to visit as many as possible.
Here Lucas and some other older siblings visiting the 'Shoes' exhibition:

I was interested to learn about 'Impact of famous Arab families':

Many huge and impressive models had been constructed, of all sorts. Here's one of them, 'Discovery of oil and the UAE':

Yes, I certainly learned a lot of new things!
I got to ride in a rocket ship, I visited a hospital, traveled in a time machine - and on an Etihad plane! Here's the exhibit about 'Evolution of aviation safety and technology', hosted by three mini stewardesses, uniformed and all (even their lipstick was on point!):

It was absolutely amazing to see the creativity, imagination and dedication of all the Grade 5 students. Well done Linnea, very proud parents today.

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