Sunday, 28 May 2017

Meanwhile back home

For me to be gone a whole week was only made possible by Nathan having his four days off all together, and also by the help of some friends. Both kids had to go with friends on sleepovers on the Thursday when Nathan was flying, and again when he was gone the whole day to Kathmandu on the  Saturday. They were super lucky to be taken out on a boat with by neighbours.

It was also the last normal week at school before Ramadan, and as with that the shorter school days start; so many things were scheduled to happen this week.
Nathan went to both the kids' Student Led Conferences, a sort of Parent-Teacher meet, but without too much actual interference by the teachers. Mixed results... a bit of talking/disturbing in class, a bit of only making minimal effort, a bit of this and a bit of that... Hmm, nothing new really.

Linnea had a class party to celebrate their successful Grade 5 Exhibition, and the start of Ramadan. Only four weeks to go of this school year now, and it's no secret that the attendance at school really takes a dive as soon as Ramadan starts...

Linnea also participated in the PYP Sports Award Ceremony, and came home with three lovely certificates:

Well done Sporty Spice! Super proud of you!

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