Monday, 29 June 2015

Project "Clearing out"

Every year before the big summer holiday it's the same thing, I get this urge to clear out and tidy up. Slowly, slowly I'll sort through all my clothes and all the kids' clothes, not only so I know what to pack, but also to clear out what they don't fit or don't wear anymore. Makes it easier to know if there is anything I need to shop for while away, plus it's so nice to come back to well organized cupboards.

I have also been sorting and clearing in their rooms, actually this is something I do fairly regularly, especially in Linnea's room, as she is a bit of a hoarder and collects and keeps the weirdest things. Same thing here, it's so nice to come back when the rooms are well organized and tidy, and everything has a place.

Yesterday and today we have been helping Lucas sort out his Lego. We got some new shelves from IKEA, where he will be able to store all (well, or at least some, he has quite a bit...) his ready-built Lego (because the plan is to build all the sets, eventually!) and we reorganized a bit along that wall, to give him some more space. It turned out pretty neat, don't you think?

The new set-up has already spurred him on to build 3-4 sets! Good going!

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  1. Kjempefint! Han har dilla paa lego skjonner jeg :-) Jentene har faatt oynene opp for lego ogsa :-)