Saturday, 20 June 2015

Midsummer 2015, part 2

We were supposed to go to Dubai this weekend, to see through the start of Ramadan with some friends. Plans changed after they had a very sudden change of circumstances and had to move out of their house earlier in the week. Back in temporary accommodation and back to square one looking for houses after a crazy week for them.

So we decided to stay in Abu Dhabi for the weekend, and instead got invited to join a Midsummer celebration in Al Reef, yesterday being the 'real' Midsummer. It was lovely to share the afternoon with some fellow Swedes - ... and an Aussie and a Kiwi!
The flower wreath came out again, of course, here we are on our way in the taxi:

We didn't have a Midsummer pole (although I'm thinking for next year that's a must!) but at least we all had flowers in our hair. Wreaths were constructed out of both real flowers, and a bit more long lasting IKEA flowers.

The Midsummer Mums:

... and some Midsummer Dads!

And finally a bunch of Midsummer kids!

In 45 degrees heat, you can't really blame the kids for playing inside rather than outside though...

Some were patiently waiting until they were allowed to swim. We had told them "after the food"...

The spread was amazing! You can really get anything here in Abu Dhabi, we are very spoiled! It was just like at home, we had both 'sillsallad' and herring, crispbread, 'prinskorv' and other Midsummer essentials. Very tasty!

Happy Midsummer!!

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