Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bring Sally up, bring Sally down

Today was the last CrossFit Kids session for this term. Both kids have enjoyed these sessions immensely the last few months, and after staying to watch today's session I understand why.
The two leaders, Coach Sabine and Coach Annie, do a great job keeping all the kids in line, while making the exercise fun at the same time. Although all the kids disagreed loudly when Coach Annie called the "Bring Sally down..."-exercise a game..! Ha ha!
As I've done this exercise myself a few times, I can agree - it's not exactly fun! See a snippet here:

The did a few different events today, in a little end of term CrossFit "competition".
First briefing:

They had to guess their own 100m row...

Perform their longest broad jump:

Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls:

Burpees, always....

- and to finish off everybody received a certificate, and they had a team photo!

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