Friday, 12 June 2015

Midsummer 2015

Today a bunch of merry Swedes gathered again, to celebrate Midsummer here in Abu Dhabi - albeit a week early! Since Ramadan kicks in next week, this was our last chance to get together for a brunch, and a bit of celebration.

I recycled my home made flower wreath from last year of course. If it's Midsummer you need to have flowers in your hair!

We also had some decorations for the tables, Dalecarlian horses, Midsummer poles, flags etc:

We had a lovely afternoon, and all the kids got entertained with face paint, balloon making, magic and games. Everybody happy!

We tried a brunch that was new to most of us, the Bubbalicious at the Fairways Restaurant at the Westin. A beautiful set up and huge selection of food, that all was delicious:

Happy Midsummer!

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