Friday, 28 March 2014


Yesterday was another day full of jobs to do before the weekend.
We started out going to the local Police Station, hoping to get my drivers license sorted. Nathan had had my Swedish drivers license translated into arabic, but mistakenly thought it was enough with having the visa in process to get the local one... So we went to the Police Station and waited and queued, only to have to come back once my visa is in my passport.
Ah well, that's about the first set back so far really; and I don't mind not being able to drive, it's quite nice getting driven around!

We then went to IKEA to exchange a few things, and pick up a few more. Nathan admitted he has definitely filled his quota of IKEA visits for a while, the man in the self-service area recognized him! :)

Even though lunch at IKEA is always good (you can never have to many meatballs!) - I have to say this is false advertising though:

These are not cinnamon buns! These danish are made with a completely different dough/pastry, and even though they are probably tasty (we didn't try them, we would've had they been real cinnamon buns..! ), they are NOT cinnamon buns. Boo IKEA!

At least the house is coming together nicely, things are finding their places and especially the storage spaces are getting organized neatly. After Wednesday next week we will be able to receive overnight guests too, that's when the mattress for the guest bedroom turns up. Yay!

We also decided to sort out the school uniform yesterday. Here they sell many different uniforms all in one big shop, Zaks, in one of the malls. It was easy peasy, we just went in, told the lady which grade the kids will go in, and she picked it all out for us.

Linnea will be wearing a white polo shirt with the RIS logo on it together with a green skort, and Lucas a white button down shirt with green shorts. The PE kit is the same white polo, plus shorts in a more sporty material. I also got Linnea headbands and hair ties in the school colours and both the kids caps with the school logo plus cricket hats (with big brims) - a good thing to have when we are going into the warmer months.

We had also been told my car was ready for collection, so we took a taxi in to the Toyota dealer last night. Unfortunately that was the next little set back, because due to the wet weather they had a backlog of work that hadn't been done, amongst other things the rust protection. So we will have to come back Saturday night instead.
At least Lucas got to eat ribs for dinner, as Mushrif Mall wasn't that far off and we decided we would eat out to celebrate the weekend. Ohm, nom nom!

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