Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Easily excited

Ok, so I must admit, I get easily excited - but check this baby out:

After having lived with an ancient washing machine with only 2 programs, and only able to wash with cold water... this is so fantastic! I actually don't mind doing laundry (too much). The novelty will probably wear off yes, but for now, I love my fancy washing machine!

We also got a dishwasher, another novelty for for a while, and a great gadget especially since we are not having a maid for the time being. Here's some of the rest of the machine park, with our lovely new coffee machine to the right! Always Jura, simply the best!

The first meal we cooked on our new shiny stove, was one of Lucas' favourites, Spaghetti Carbonara. Even cooking is a little bit fun at the moment, ha ha! Actually I'm enjoying not having an extra person in the house right now, even if it means a lot more housekeeping jobs for everyone. It's ok for a while.

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  1. Förstår hur du känner, i Brasilien hade vi kallvattenmaskin... nu har vi amerikansk tvättmaksin som tvättar snabbt men effektivt, love it!