Friday, 21 March 2014

A Singapore pit stop

We left Brunei on St Patricks Day, an easy date to remember. After one last selfie during the traditional fuel up in the airport Coffee Bean...

... we got on the SQ flight over to Singapore. A bit weird not actually leaving on RBA; plus we didn't have window seats, so we couldn't enjoy the last birds eye view of our beautiful Brunei either... Boo! :(

We had a five hour transit in Changi, which was just about perfect timing. Last weekend when we were over, we had brought a bunch of luggage with us and left it with Matt & Misuzu; because on the SQ flight we were only allowed 30kg each, but on the Etihad flight out of Singapore we were allowed 60kg each! So they kindly brought all our extra suitcases to the airport for us. This is how it looked when we checked in:

We then had time for a coffee and a play with our dear friends, so lovely to get to see them too on our departure. I wonder when and where we will be meeting up again..?

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