Friday, 21 March 2014

Hit the ground running

So, straight away on our first morning (well, after having had to pass HQ, and the airport - to pick up and then present the visas, to get them stamped, and get our passports back) - we attacked IKEA!

Yes, I am Swedish, and yes, I like IKEA. Maybe being Swedish is why so much of IKEA's design appeals to me? Not all, but a lot of it. They have some very cool designers attached to their brand, and they create some pretty cool stuff. Also, their storage solutions are fantastic and it is pretty good value for money.
I also knew that I wouldn't be able to drag the family around more than one shop (well, maybe two, but that would've been it) to look at furniture. Doing a one-stop-shop at IKEA was honestly the best solution!

We spent most of the afternoon there to be honest, because it took a while to walk through and tick off all the things we were getting. Even though we had talked most of it through already and we had a shopping list made up, still there was a lot of final decisions to be made.
Nathan's status on FB halfway through pretty much summed it up "I've lost track of time, Lucas has lost the will to live, Linnea has thrown a couple of strops and Boel is in heaven." Not sure it counts as heaven though, when all you're getting is furniture, but it sure felt fun being able to pick out and get all this stuff at once!

IKEA here is great, not only do they deliver AND assemble for free when you shop over a certain amount (which we passed by miles!) - they also collect all the stuff for you in the self-service area! You just give them your shopping list you have been jotting down walking through the shop, and then sit down and wait! Fab! We managed to collect eight flat bed trolleys with big furniture, and four normal trolleys with other stuff. This is ALL ours, and it's not even all of it!

Yeah baby! That's pretty much the whole house kitted out!
Unfortunately they aren't able to come and deliver until next week, but at least they have scheduled in two whole days for us, so should be all done in one go! Can't wait!

Later the same day we attacked the white goods shop, and ordered our washing machine, dishwasher and oven..! Plus the grocery store for a first big food shop. 
Such a HUGE spending day, somehow Nathan felt a bit sickly by the time we got home later that night, ha ha!

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