Friday, 16 March 2018

"Sailing together is better than swimming by yourself"

Lucas has been part of the Middle School Year 6-8 drama production this year, and has been rehearsing with the ensemble twice a week since October. This week it was finally time for the big performance! Well in fact they've done four shows, some for the younger students at school but also two sold-out evening shows for parents, friends and family.

This was part of the reason Mormor and Morfar chose this particular week to come, to be able to enjoy Lucas big drama debut. We went last night to see the big premiere, and our friendly Irish neighbours Rían and Orin came along too:

The show was a pirate show called 'Scoundrels and Scallywags'. The play was written by Jeremy Mason; and the music and lyrics by the school drama teacher, Mr Delano.
Lucas initially auditioned for one of the pirate captain roles, but Mr Delano thought he was better suited for the role of 'Snitch', the "stupid" (but really funny) side-kick to the bad pirate captain. Here he is, hiding with his Scoundrels gang in the wings before the show started:

Snitch, and the rest of the Scoundrels, in their pirate ship:

The production consisted of 71 actors, a 6-piece band, 10 technicians behind the scenes and over 100 handmade costumes. It was really awesome to watch how it all came together now for the show.

The kids were all fantastic, the show was superb! Lots of laughs, especially when Lucas was on stage, he seemed to be providing most of the comical entertainment. 
He did have a solo song, with a little Elvis-inspired dance. Here's a short clip - enjoy!

I'm sure it's going to feel a bit empty now after having had rehearsals together with this group of friends for such a long time. I do hope that he continues within the drama though, he seems to have found his calling; he really, really enjoyed this experience, and we really enjoyed his performance!

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