Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Back home in Scandinavia where the weather is a bit more diverse than here, everybody talks about the weather, always and every day.
Actually, even here in the sandpit we have talked weather this passed week, as it has been abnormally warm, for the season. (Yuk, by the way!)

Before we went to the Seychelles it was still only 12-14 degrees in the morning, and just barely made it over 20 degrees during the day. Last week it all of a sudden started over 20 degrees on the morning school run, and went to well over 30 degrees in the middle of the day... nooo..!
It felt far too early for the beautiful winter days to end!

So, I was so happy when this morning the temperature was back down to at least 18 when I took the kids to school, and only hit 25 as a max this afternoon. Phew, I think we might still have a good few weeks of pleasant temperatures before the big numbers hit us again.

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