Saturday, 17 February 2018

Back to work

We landed half an hour before scheduled time on Tuesday night, and we slid through the airport so fast that within an hour of touchdown we were back home, both suitcases unpacked and washing machine already running. Super efficient!

Wednesday morning it was back to school for the kids, and straight back to work for me. I decided to wear a nice white shirt to show off my fresh tan while taking another lovely group of Scandinavian Apollo-guests around Abu Dhabi.
Here having a coffee break while the guests were discovering the Louvre Abu Dhabi:

I love my city tours with the Scandinavians, every tour is different. A few weeks back I had one bus full of only Swedes, another of only Danes; this day it was the full mix of both Finnish, Danish, Norweigan and Swedish guests, both adults and kids. So much fun to show them this great city.

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