Saturday, 6 September 2014

Lucas' first Warhammer meet

After some research on the internet, I managed to find a FB group that could give me some information about the Warhammer meet-ups here in town. There is a group of players that meet every Friday, at a coffee shop not far from us; so yesterday I was a very good Mum and accompanied Lucas there.

He was the youngest participant, there was only two other (older) teenagers, and the rest of the group were adult players. They were all really nice to Lucas though and treated him like a peer when they talked about his figurines and his army etc.

Obviously, as it is a group of enthusiasts, these guys are there to hang out as they share a common interest, it's not really an organized happening in the same way it was in the Games Workshop in Aberdeen. They did a lot of talking about Warhammer, admiring each other's armies etc, but also played games, of course. I don't understand much of this, but they seemed to play more two and two against each other, rather than in one big game.

Lucas also got to play a few games, even though his army had nothing on the huge armies of these guys..! :) They were all very kind with a lot of patience. They helped him a bit, and gave him some pointers, advice and hints for next time. He also enjoyed watching the others play, he seemed to have a really, really good time.

So... five hours later... I finally was able to drag him away after this last game..! Apparently some times these boys stay here all day!
I think next time, I will drop off and pick up... The hardware store where this coffee shop is located is fun - but not that fun!

Reading up on the rules and the Codex is very important. These boys take their game very seriously.


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