Thursday, 7 September 2017

Thank you Brunei

After our nearly two weeks in Brunei it was time for us to leave again. A little bit sad of course, Brunei and the people there will always be very special to us; but we felt ready to go home. Maybe mostly me... after an 80 (!) day summer holiday I am ready for school, work and routines..!

Brunei International Airport is another thing that certainly has changed since our time in Brunei, and the new mosque just by the airport is really beautiful.

Time to go!

I had booked us a bit of a roundabout way home. Back via KL yes, but then to Singapore again - even though Etihad flies from KL... *Duh*. (I booked the tickets so long ago I can't even remember why I did it this way?? I hope it wasn't a total brain fail on my part but some other reason.)
Anyway, even though we weren't stopping over in Singapore this time we had enough time to catch up again with these ones, who came to the airport to have a Starbucks with us!

And after already having traveled for 12 hours, it felt really good that evening to put my feet up and sink into my BC seat with a glass of champagne - the last leg of the journey was a piece of cake!

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