Saturday, 2 September 2017

Jerudong Park

Friday afternoon after school we had decided to try the new and improved Jerudong Park together with Nicole and the kids. Jodie, Nicolas and Natasha came along as well, and Linnea's school friend Emily.
We got our wristbands and off we went!

Jerudong Park had really gone through a major renovation since our days in Brunei. It used to be a state-of-the-art amusement park when it first opened in the 90s, hosting concerts with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to name a few. Unfortunately it was not looked after, and when we lived in Brunei it only had a few rides and was really quite a sad place.
It sure is a different story now! The park has been completely revitalized with a many new rides, a ferris wheel, roller coasters, a big drop, water rides, laser tag and much more:

We could hardly keep up, the kids were on a mission to do as many rides as possible!

Lucas and Nicolas:

Some things haven't changed though, they still close all the rides 30 minutes for evening prayers - so we took the opportunity to go across the road to the newly opened McDonalds to have dinner.

The new Water Park, looked pretty good but we didn't make it there this time.

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